Movement Disorders Treatment

A collection of nerve system (neurological) illnesses that result in either diminished or slow motions, or enhanced movements, are collectively referred to as movement disorders. Both voluntary and involuntary movements are possible. Slower or more frequent movement is a symptom of movement disorders. They may influence the decisions you make or result in erratic behavior. Numerous movement abnormalities exist. Among the most prevalent ones are essential tremor, Parkinson's disease, and restless legs syndrome. A class of neurological illnesses known as movement disorders is responsible for aberrant movements. There may be jerky, shaking, or spastic movements, as well as slower or less frequent movements. They may influence your voluntary behaviors or induce involuntary, uncontrollable movements. Movement disorders are caused by injury to or dysfunction of the brain regions responsible for controlling movement. Movement disorders come in a variety of forms and range in severity. Some can affect the whole of your body, while others only impact a single location. Some could make it difficult to write or perform other jobs, while others might make it difficult to move about and walk.

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