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A neurologist is an expert in conditions affecting the blood vessels within the brain, muscles, peripheral nerves, spinal cord, and autonomic nervous system. Severe pain is a common feature of neurological conditions, which can also be persistent, incapacitating, and challenging to treat. Although a neurologist can also serve as a primary care physician, most of neurology is consultative. As non-medical professionals, neurologists vary from neuroscientists. Additionally, neurologists and neurosurgeons, who operate on the brain or spinal cord, are not the same. But there may be a tight collaboration between neurologists and neurosurgeons—sometimes even in the operating room. The hardest mysteries involving the brain and the rest of the nervous system are those that neurologists are faced with solving. They examine the patient and examine the patient's history to do this. Coordination, gait, mental state, reflexes, feeling, speech, strength, and eyesight may all be tested during physical examinations. Exams using technology look deeper into the nervous system. They consist of:

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